Carnaby 20% Christmas Shopping Night

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To celebrate the start of the week, we want to share with you the photos from the most recent Carnaby 20% Christmas Shopping Night by Grazia. We would like to thank each and every one of you who visited the store on Carnaby St. on the evening of Thursday, 12 November, as Marqués de Terán offered wine tasting to all event guests, who enjoyed this and other El Ganso benefits. The party was amazing and these photos are the perfect example of the great time we had in your company.

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Once upon a Time in Berlin…

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As our El Ganso store in Münzstrasse in Mitte approaches its second Berlin winter, we tell a story of how this magical city inspired and lent its creative force to one of our heroes and style icons – David Bowie.


Nuestra tienda El Ganso de la Münzstraße del barrio de Mitte se acerca a su segundo invierno berlinés, así que aprovechamos esta ocasión para contaros la historia de uno de nuestros héroes, un icono del estilo que se inspiró en esta mágica ciudad: David Bowie.

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Meet Bart, our Mo Bro! He is not going to miss Movember…

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Hello Bart! What means Movember?

Movember is the English words of Moustache and November together. It is a month long celebration of the mustache that is informed by the charity. It is a global campaign that by growing a mustache drew attention to selected charities, with a focus on men’s health and prostate cancer.

Movember (2)stache

¡Hola Bart! ¿Qué significa Movember?

Movember es la combinación de las palabras inglesas Moustache (bigote) y November (noviembre). Se trata de la celebración del bigote de un mes de duración con fines benéficos. Es una campaña mundial para dejarse bigote y así llamar la atención respecto a determinadas organizaciones benéficas que se ocupan de la salud del hombre y del cáncer de próstata. Read all »