Hello Anelisse! ¿Could you tell us the story of this photo? 

The story of this photo is very funny. The city of Amsterdam is always busy and filled with people going about their daily lives. The weather is never good and it’s always raining; therefore to take one good shot took a lot effort because the sun was out and more people than usual were on the streets.  So, finally when we took one good picture… the camera suddenly froze! So imagine our frustration.



¿What is your favorite look from El Ganso autumn-winter 2014 collection?  

My favorite look is the Navy Knit Dress with Pleated Skirt, with the combination of the shoes and trench coat. I love it because it fits very chique and elegant at the same time and the color combination is just perfect. It made me feel alive and vibrant.



Which clothes would you recommend us in order to spend a great fall weekend in Amsterdam?

My favorite wear would be the Grey Melange Two-Toned College Coat because right now, the weather is great in Amsterdam. It’s not too hot or too cold so you can actually wear almost everything that’s in your closet.

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