Claudia Villagrasa | Maria Fernández (Berlin)

Next Sunday Berlin is going to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Through this quarter of century this city has experienced a frenetic rhythm of changes. We found ourselves in Mitte, a part of the city which is straightly linked with the story of the city. If we look back 26 years ago, we would have a totally different feeling walking through those streets. Maybe we would find a poor bakery or some other grocery shop, surrounded by grey houses. We could even smell rests from the war which still floating in the air.

El Ganso Berlin 3

That feeling started to change when the Berlin Wall broke down. Revolutionary and progressive people moved to this area and occupied abandoned buildings like the well-known “Tachelles”, creating a new art scene filled with the feeling of hope. At the same time, old bunkers from Holocaust where used as clubs giving birth to that electronic scene that also characterize Berlin.

Muro de Berlin

At the end of the 90s Mitte, got the perfect balance. It was an area with a great atmosphere and energy but still cheap. That is why many artists also moved here. In consequence people started to change the conception of the neighborhood. Then the rent of the flats increased and suddenly, people with more purchasing power started moving to this part of the city. Due to all these facts Mitte became the district which is now, a cool area full of shops and nice cafés. Anyhow you can still feel this cultural background what makes it unique. Our shop in the center of Mitte is another reflection of this feeling; young, chic, classic… but at the same time breaking the rules with all its colors.

El Ganso Berlin 1

We followed the store manager of El Ganso’s store in Berlin to another unique part of Mitte, the Museum Island, which is protected by the Unesco, a beautiful part of the city where you can lose yourself with that amount of history, or when the weather allows it… just enjoy the sun chilling on the grass field.

El Ganso Berlin 4