Faro Lacueva | Berlin

Hi, my name is Faro and I come from Barcelona, although I was born in Berlin where I spent three years of my childhood. I was born in 1992 in one of the city’s largest squatter communities known as “Tacheles”, consisting of homes and workshops for artists of more than 20 different nationalities, and which can still be found on Oranienburger Strasse in the Mitte district, although it has been closed since 2013.


This artistic movement was born from the desire for freedom that led to the fall of the Berlin wall. Twenty years later I decided to return, curious to rediscover my roots, because the images and memories of that time inspired me to seek different way of life from the one I had in Spain. About three months ago I started working for El Ganso in Berlin (Münzstrasse 19), which also happens to be located in the Mitte district.

Every day I am amazed to live in these streets and see how they have changed completely. When, before there were humble businesses, empty houses and grey facades, we can now see the modern and restored buildings of the city centre that is a shopping mecca for top brands, together with bars and the nicest cafes in Berlin.

Faro 2

Despite all the transformations, I still love the city very much because Berlin is like that, always changing and moving. New lifestyles, trends, philosophies and activities are always emerging, thus creating its essence.

One of the reasons I’m back here is also related to my artistic interests, since I studied artistic carpentry and sculpture. But in Berlin I began to develop a passion for photography. I take pictures of all my getaways around the world and find inspiration in the bustle of the city.

Faro 3

One of my other lifelong interests has been clothes, and therefore I feel very proud to work in the welcoming atmosphere of the El Ganso store and to belong to the team. Outside the shop I am involved in a small project centred on a vintage line for “Flohmarkts” (colourful second-hand markets). It’s a hobby I can’t stop. I’m happy in this city, because my daily routine is like an adventure focussed on what I want to be and do.